Seo Facts


What is Seo?

Seo stands for search engine optimization. It is an exercise to optimize your site making it fit for search engine to index and rank. Website promotion is comprehensive with the core focusing on seo both on page and off page.

How is Seo Done?

Seo is a multi prong exercise with emphasis on optimizing your site hence making it better. Then the site is promoted on Internet using various authoritative platforms. The effort is to optimize the site as per guidelines set by major search engines. Search engine optimization requires experience, understanding of SE algorithm and effective seo content writing.

How fast can my site be optimized?

Contrary to popular belief seo is not a trick, it is a process and not time bound. As the site undergoes optimization traffic increases first from long tail and mid tail search terms and then from competitive keywords. Hence much depends upon your site and the competition online.

How much traffic will my site receive?

Lot depends upon the search made for the topic and the site position on search engines, number of search terms that site responds to and the site itself.

What is ranking?

Ranking is position on search engine result pages of your site in response to a particular search query? Response of the site is always dependant upon the suitability to the users search query. The relevancy of your site and off page anchors are responsible factors for ranking on particular search terms. There are many factors responsible for ranking but along with the above authority o your site is important.

How stable will my rankings be?

Lot depends upon the optimization techniques used. But rankings do fluctuate hence it is smarter to rank on number of relevant search terms. Getting listed on mid tail and long tail search terms is important ...chasing primary keywords though wise is costly and rankings come with time.

How can I support search engine optimization?

As a site owner you can provide support by building your site better and better. Your web site should provide unique information through contents. Keep adding related content on site. Navigate your site to see that it is user friendly. Your seo and content wrier should help you in the site build up.

What else?

For online success your site is the most important interface. The website should be thematically designed and appealing. There should be factors onsite that build up trust among the visitors. The images should add to information and they should be high resolution and real time.



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