Website elements for appeal brand building and trust

The most important, in fact the interface on Internet is the website. Most important elements are great, unique and informative content with appealing catch line.  Good graphics create appeal without which your site may not perform well online.

User friendly functionality of the website is again important and cannot be done away with.  Without functionality and smooth architecture even graphic appeal will fail. So designing website is not just adding bits and pieces together. Professional web designing is a comprehensive exercise. It requires skilled design concept in the web designer who develops the whole site from white board stage.     

Web content and graphics plus search engine optimization lead to successful goal conversions.  The former two help in trust creation and brand building as well.  As a strong marketing tool the website should be able to build credibility amongst potential buyers and users.

In fact your site should be all informative of the products services and all that you are offering. In case of ecommerce websites product description sources and all other details should be easily findable to the visitor. The graphics should aptly present the product image and if possible they should be three dimensional. The website content creation should result in unique, informative and highly descriptive contents. The habit of going lax on website contents would result in failure online.

Cheap web design is not the solution for sites targeting online business or conversions though it may work for informative websites with sound architecture. In the case of latter it is the content that will dominate. For e-commerce website, sound design concept that incorporates above mention features will play a major role in online success. Simply put a professional web design is a must along with search engine optimization. All efforts in web site promotion will come to a naught if the Seo professional or web designer does not offer basic guidelines. Regular site building and efficient the web design is a must. Without involvement of the client this may not be possible at times.  

Most clients hire a web promotion company and seek results on the SERPs of major search engines. It would be desirable if the Seo clients continue their web site build up with expertise offered. Innovative ideas and regular activity on site is a big road to success.  All this requires time, investment and involvement with your online business.    


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