Seo:  On Page Optimization Safeguards

Search engine optimization consists of two important parts on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization is tuning your site to make it search engine friendly.  This does not appear to be as simply as many in the Seo business think.

For proper on page optimization, web design knowledge is not a prerequisite. But under standing website design is a must. Most important is understanding theme concept.  A web designer may design a spectacular web site but it may still not gel with the offering.

Whence the question of online business comes into picture this aspect appears to be most important. In online business a properly themed website is more successful since it creates a trust and faith. A proper design concept also creates the right ambiance.For online success, web site is most important interface this means layout, user friendliness, design and very important content.

Well you may have followed all these aspects to the tee as an experienced search engine optimizer. But when going in for web optimization keep these Seo safe guards in mind. All your exercise in search engine optimization will fail if you do not remain alert whence optimizing a web site.

But is this enough?

Well in most of the cases the Seo client offers a pre designed site and secondly you cannot have your finger in tow bowls. That means simply you cannot be a web designer and Seo. You could be but time does not permit. If you own a web design company and are offering a search engine optimization service you better have a large expert staff.

But I believe that one should work in only one field as greater focusing is required in search engine optimization and website promotion. But understanding basics of web design is going to take you very high in the promotion business. The field of web site design and development is humongous but if you have the knowledge of key aspects of web designs and theme it will be a great help. Most important you should have the knowledge as to how to create trust on site without which Internet business success is not there.   

Well coming back to the point once you have a well designed website and conduct on page optimizing exercise to succeed in ranking your website on search engines as desired.

Here are some important points.

1) Keep an eye on the site its content, coding and formatting which you have asked the web designer to do or formatting which you have done yourself.

2) Keep checking the web site throughout the Seo exercise as well as afterwards whence the contract is over.      

3) The client may ask for minor or major changes now and then many amateur web designers do not bother to keep you formatting change in mind while re editing. They may just make a change in old pages in their computer folder and upload.

Gone all your good work!.

4) Ask the designer to download all files from the server every time he makes changes. Yes each and every time.  

5) Know what changes your client is making through the web designer and its impact on branding, trust creation and search engine optimization.

6) Seo is not just about ranking a site high on major search terms it is more comprehensive exercise. You have to dream, sleep and eat the aspects of the site.

Hence be alert!

7) The best practice is to follow one simple rule. Every time a change is made, you as a Seo Professional have to be informed on regular basis - both by the client as well as the web designer.  

8) Check all the changes the designer has made and be assured.   

9) Keep checking tags on important pages they should be in place ever including the analytic code from Google or elsewhere.   

10) Keep on making on page change as required in order to target the right long tail and primary keywords.

11) Study the effect of changes you have made on site on the SERPs. This will help you in two ways:

a) Improve your keyword research and increase your knowledge about as to how the algorithms of major search engines index and rank a site.

b) Keep tab on where you web optimization exercise is headed.

Finally keep on reading and learning search engine optimization or website promotion since it is a never ending field.  


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