Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search engine optimization is a complex exercise to rank website high on the result pages of search engines. The search engine companies have a set of criteria on which to rank as site on its Serp.

Though search engine optimization or seo is a complex job understanding its basics is not a difficult task. This will come in handy whence you optimize your own site may be through a professional website promotion company for higher rankings.

There are two main factors in website promotion for higher rankings. They are on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization is making your site worthy on the Internet. This is by using suitable seo web design concept and designing technology. On a website all the elements are of importance be it the formatting, unique contents, images, banners and utilities.

A popular website is a useful resource on Net. It carries lot of in formation and utility. The website design should conform to best practices and guidelines. It should be user friendly and useful to the visitors. The search engines look precisely for this and the algorithms used by them are able make out the site worthiness. A search engine would never like to show a worthless resource on its result pages. Hence, however good your web optimization technique is it will show prominently until unless your website is good.

Off page optimization is another factor in search engine optimization. All search engines gauge the popularity of your site. One good way is to find out who links to your website. If your website is linked to by high performance useful resource than the backlink is weighted highly and your website is ranked high on search term relevant to the topic. The anchor texts in your back links inform search engines what terms are being used to describe the website topic. Based on the numerical appearance of a particular anchor text the website is indexed and ranked high on that term.

Biggest menace is Black Hat Seo technique which is trying to fool search engine algorithms into believing you site is good and highly popular. This is also known as spamming. The search engines have recognized Black Hat techniques and penalize the site accordingly.

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive exercise. The aim is to achieve the objective or goal conversion which may be advertisement, sales, or simply information transmission. There for e for online success it is good to make a website with useful information and utilities.

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