Ask for website seo solutions.

In order to provide an answer to your queries we need the following information.

A. Website Information

1. Website URL

2. Your objective.

3. Describe your business, services or profession.

3. Describe the topic in brief.

4. Targeted search terms

5. List of products and services.

6. Geo targeting. Which Area Local, National or Global.

7. Is your website for affiliate marketing?

8. Is your web site for generating advertisement based revenue.

9. Who has created the contents, link architecture and written the contents.

10. What do you expect to achieve from search engine optimization.

Do you have a query for us then provide as much details as possible through the above questionnaire. We will answer one query free of cost.

Use the online seo inquiry form and answer in the your site column and send us. We will try to answer as fast as possible subject to the length of the queue.

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