LSI & Theme density

Whether Google or other search engines have implemented latent semantic indexing (LSI) or not is difficult to say. But if you are aware of the patent Google has filed you can be sure the search company has.

What is LSI?

Well basically LSI is indexing pages on basis of relevance which is denoted by occurrence of related phrases in a given document. The whole indexing process of search engines is based on information retrieval or natural language processing by algorithms.

Hence when you place content you should know the subject matter and its niche angles. When you write about web promotion you should understand the topic well. Thus you can actually write about website promotion without spamming the content with repeated search terms or phrases. This is also applicable to articles on seo which you write to add information and promote your site.   

Placing haphazard content on website will not work. It is the number or relevant phrases that would determine the indexing criteria. It is not only on the home page but all site page should be having related relevant information. This is known as theme building and it is done by creating silos.  

A Seo has to create a theme density of related relevant words in order to rank well on chosen keywords. In short you cannot write about both search engine optimization and web design ono ne site. If you do than you cross linking should separate both themes. Use proper silo structure whence cross linking your website pages.         

Always write original and unique contents which are related to the subject matter at on page or in articles or anywhere else. Most important as a seo know the subject well. This you can do by research online and offline and good keyword analysis.  

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