On page optimization:Factors

Definition: Search engine optimization is a process where in a seo professional makes a site suitable for search engine to index and rank high. Ranking is always related to topic and the website responds to search terms which match its topic. You cannot create a website purely on hotels and hope it to rank high on tour operator keywords.

The technique involves on page and off page optimization. In on page optimization one edits a site in order for it to be crawled and indexed on right terms. Many factors are taken into consideration such that compatibility with browsers and different operating systems is assured first. Other factor that ranks very high in level of importance is the download speed of the site. How fast a site downloads into the browser depends upon many factors. These could be number of queries sent, image weight, client site includes, coding and programming.

For a site to perform well on competitive all round development is important. The first step is how good website programming and coding is? Speed and compatibility are then taken into consideration. Another important aspect of on site optimization is right formatting, adding correct title and Meta tags and unique informative contents. The site architecture plays a part as well. Web compatible, information rich and user friendly are key qualities that a good on page optimization exercise should result in.

Content creation is very important since it can make or break a site on SERPs. Theming and siloing are techniques that improve the topicality of the site. This informs the search engines correctly what the site is about and hence achieves top rankings on those search terms. The content creation should be relational and should not stray away from the main topic.

The greatest challenge in on page optimization is tackling two related topics that fall in same category but are different in sub category. One example is tea and coffee both are hot beverage but are entirely different products. It would be better for the designer to create two sites for each. But sometimes cost constraints and other factors discourage website owners to go for two sites. In such cases it is the skill of optimizer that counts in order to rank the site on two diverse search terms effectively.

On page optimization is a must in order to rank high on chosen keywords. The above factors will determine how effectively your site ranks of search engine result pages of major search engines.

Off page optimization follows on page optimization that is instrumental in web saturation and referral building using social networking portals and social bookmarking.

Both the exercises whence conducted effectively results in online success. Seo depends upon the professionals experience, analytical ability and understanding of how the search engines index and rank a site as done by their algorithms.

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