Search engine optimization

There are more than a hundred million websites on the Net. In the topic conforming to your websites there may be as many as hundred thousand websites. The how are you going rank you site in first twenty in a given keyword?
The answer is simple: Seo or website promotion.     

On page optimization

Seo or search engine optimization is simply optimizing the site as per guidelines set by the search engines. But it goes further whence ranking on a particular keyword or list of keywords come into the picture. Whence ranking on relevant keywords are taken into consideration the content should be relevant to the topic as well as unique with lot of information. The optimized web design should be perfect from all angles including the banners and images. The banners and images have to be optimized as well.    

The above activity takes place on the site hence this is known as on page optimization in seo terminology. The seo will take all factors into consideration before optimizing the site as per his skills.     

Off page optimization

Another factor which search engines seek is the popularity of the site. The popularity is gauged by the sites linking to the website and the quality and the status of the site. Suck links a website generates are known as inbound links or back links.  There are other factors associated with the back links. These are the contents on site of the site providing the back link.  Topical similarity is a must for the site being linked to get weight age of chosen terms from the anchor text used to link the website.

The above is known as off page optimization since it is an external factor. The back links should come from top class information rich websites in order to rank on the chosen search terms.

The process of search engine optimization appears to be simple from above text but it is not so hence a profession seo and content writer is a must for a website to be optimized to rank on search engines.  

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