Of silos and themes in Seo

Creating silos is the best method of theming a website on focused topic. To explain this, the website is structured in such a manner that it justifies the search terms target. Silos create weight age on targeted search term the importance of which the search engines recognized without getting confused with less relevant yet targeted search term.   

Thematic representation of website is very important, since search engine justify website ranking for a search term on the basis of how focused the site is in that topic.   

Basically in the hierarchy structure the index page is on the top supporting highly relevant sub pages which in turn support pages offering sub topic contents. I would go a bit further siloing can be done in title and Meta description as well as in the directory structure. In fact siloing should start from the directory structure.  

In simple words your website should not get mired in sub topics, rather the focus on main content should dominate. For example if you are focusing on targeting the term “web promotion service” but you also offer web design, intranet and web hosting solution along with other services. In this case the whole weight age should on website promotion service or seo as the case may be on the main page. Even the internal linking should use Seo terms in the anchor text.  

The best solution in search engine optimization is to cross link highly relevant pages. To cross link a sub page on Intranet solutions with main page within content is not advisable. In this case use the top or bottom panel to provide link to the home page. For cross linking the index page create more sub pages on seo topics and link to the home using focused search terms from here. Remember you cannot repeat search terms beyond a limit hence use variations of the main term.         

Siloing expertise comes with experiment and experience since there is no set pattern that may suit each and every site on different topics.  The outcome of siloing is highly beneficial with increased prominence on SERPs and increase in traffic.    

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