Importance of website content in Seo

The cliché content is the King does prove to be true. Since Internet is content driven unique informative content rules the SERPs.  Internet is content and search engines help drive proper content on to the user. The whole indexing and ranking criteria is content based albeit technology and design do play a part.

Content creation becomes a difficult task whence both the user and search engine indexing criteria has to be facilitated.  The content should be highly appealing and at the same time the search engines should be able to index it correctly. Research is doorway for success in offering informative contents.

While writing for the search engines, there should enough weight age on focused terms without excessive repetition in order to avoid penalty. Whence one takes the user into account the contents should be highly appealing so as to achieve goal conversion.

In all the cases the content has to be unique right out of the content writer's mind. They should be highly informative which means the writer should do a lot of research before publishing.  Pulling down contents from another online source invites duplicate content penalty.  If the contents are re written on bases of another content than its weight age would be diluted. So it is better to write hundred percent original content on the site. Thi aspect is very important for web promotion on search engines. Also many authoritative sites during link building campaign will judge your contents.       

The best way to write content on websites is to first getting familiar with the site topic. Discussion with the site owner helps further as it narrows down the scope of the topic and makes you familiar with the associated jargon. This is very useful for keyword analysis as well.  One should not hurry into writing contents onsite if he is not familiar with the topic. With passage to time more facts and figures are drawn in and the content comes out to be more accurate. This does not mean one should take eternity to write.  

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